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Meal Prep

Lets face it - we're all busy.  There is often no time (or desire!) to ensure that a delicious meal is ready for all.  Your Gather Again Kitchen chef will come to your home and prepare meals for you or loved ones, based upon your specific needs and wants. 

Whatever your needs,  we work with you to make a great meal happen in your home.

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Chicken Burrito Bowls

Individual Pot Pies

Individual Pot Pies


We begin with a phone consultation to discuss your needs - how many people, how often, special considerations, etc., and a questionnaire is sent to you that will assist us in targeting your meal choices.  Your chef will then meet you in your home to get familiar with your kitchen and review your needs and preferences.  Menus will be created based upon your specifications and discussions and sent to you ahead for approval.

Your Gather Again Kitchen chef will do all the grocery shopping to procure ingredients and supplies then come to your home on the prearranged day.  They will prepare and cook your meals, label store in your refrigerator/freezer, leaving you any needed instructions.  They will then clean up, leaving your kitchen in great shape and your meal(s) ready for you to enjoy.  View some client favorites by clicking button below.

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